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Hi, my name is Jeremy; I am currently 38 years old. When I was three days old and still in the hospital, a nurse came in and did a normal check-up on me. While listening to my heart, she noticed a heart murmur. After reporting the finding to the doctors, they ran several tests on me. The results of the tests ultimately defined my life from that moment on. The doctors discovered that I was born with a rare and “complex” heart condition called transposition of the great vessels with single ventricle.
I created this website not only to share my life but, also to give hope to those who are going through the same thing as well as to those who feel hopeless, no matter what situation you are in and to tell you and show you that with God all things are indeed possible.
In this site, I will give you detailed information about how my heart works in comparison to how a normal heart works. I also will give a rough timeline of what surgeries/procedures I have undergone and how they applied to my heart, also what happens when things don’t go according plan and, how I am dealing with everything. I hope you enjoy!